How we do reviews!

How do we Review Games

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The reviewer gives their personal take on the game while starting at, what we call, the “core”. The “core” features 4 main areas:
  1. Story/Universe/Meaning

    1. what drives the game, what’s the point, what sets the feeling and mood
  2. Gameplay Mechanic

    1. How does the game function? Does it play well, does every function work properly?
      1. If the game is a FPS, does it play well as a FPS, etc.
  3. Sounds

    1. Does the music fit well with the game play, are sound effects crisp and appropriate?
  4. Visuals

    1. Does the visual match well with the game feel?
    2. This does not reflect on the level of graphics, but rather the attention to detail and how the style meshing with the gameplay.
      1. A 2d pixel game can score a high rating, just as a 3D game can score a low rating. It’s about the individual product.

These cores are used at the base, for a general “score” -- to which the reviewer can then add their “tilt” if they so feel warranted to positively or negatively impact the game based on a valid reason. If a game excels in every core area, but fails to properly mesh each mechanic together well, the reviewer can choose to give a lower score - or if a game is so bad, but is artistic in a way to be a parody of something, the reviewer may be inclined to reflect the core in a different light.

Generally whenever we do “score” something, we try to keep it tightly within integers using a set standard for ceiling and flooring. If the outcome overall average is a decimal, we round if the decimal is .5 or lower, if the decimal is .6 or higher then we round up.

Rating Name Description
1 Why? Why was this game even made?
2 Bad Fails overall in it's design and execution.
3 Poor Tries to execute well, but still comes up short
4 Lacking Lacks the materials needed to achieve a solid product.
5 Average Does well on building its purpose, but does not achieve anything more.
6 Decent Doing a bit more than the norm.
7 Good Solid game! Good overall
8 Great A game that reaches a high satisfactory feeling, still has a few issues but they hardly ruin the game.
9 Excellent Striving for perfection, the game comes just shy of a near perfect score.
10 Near Perfect Perfection does not exist, but pursuit of perfection does, and it exists in a package that has well defined functionality with removing nearly all issues... well done.

*This standard is subject to change if we see fit.